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Periodontal Therapy – Bowie, MD

Soothe Your Sensitive & Bleeding Gums

woman in pain before periodontal therapy

At Ambiance Dental Spa, we take gum disease very seriously. Why? Gum disease isn’t just an uncomfortable problem. Left untreated, it can cause extensive damage in a number of ways. Late-stage gum disease can lead to tooth loss, and the bacteria from the infection can enter your bloodstream, leading to systemic health problems such as heart disease and stroke. Ambiance Dental Spa offers periodontal therapy in Bowie, MD for gum disease, keeping this serious problem under control and protecting you from extensive health complications. If you’re struggling with bleeding or sensitive gums or need a deep teeth cleaning, schedule an appointment with our team today!

Why Choose Ambiance Dental Spa For Periodontal Therapy?

What Is Gum Disease?

Dentist conducting dental exam on patient

When poor dental habits allow plaque to build-up on the teeth and gum line, an infection can form on the tissues that hold your teeth in place, which is called gum disease. Although this condition is entirely preventable, roughly 50% of American adults struggle with it today. While the initial stages of gum disease can wreak havoc on your oral health, neglecting to seek treatment can lead to the advanced stage, periodontitis. This serious gum infection destroys the soft tissue and underlying bone, causing loose teeth or, in some cases, tooth loss.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Animated rendering of periodontal therapy

Since gum disease is a prevalent concern among U.S. adults, it is important to be aware of the common symptoms. That way, you can seek help from our team while treatment can be administered easily. With this in mind, below are the common symptoms of gum disease:

Gum Disease Treatment Options

Closeup of woman pointing to red gums

If you have been struggling with one or more of the above symptoms, you’ll be happy to know that our team can intervene and administer treatment to restore your healthy, pain-free smile. Depending on the stage of your gum disease, we will recommend one of the below treatment options:

Scaling & Root Planing

Smile during scaling and root planing treatment

Periodontal therapy primarily consists of scaling and root planing. First, the infected area is cleaned, and we remove all infected tissue along with the debris that contributes to gum disease. Then, we smooth out the tooth roots, removing spaces where more bacteria or debris could take hold. During your periodontal therapy in our Bowie dental office, you can relax in one of our massage chairs to make the experience more comfortable.

Antibiotic Therapy

Antibiotics for gum disease treatment

As gum disease progresses, it’s common for little pockets to form along the gum line that can harbor bacteria. These are nearly impossible to clean manually, so instead, we can apply a topical antibiotic to take care of them. Once in place, it will quickly dry and then slowly dissolve over the course of a week, continually bathing the gums in a powerful medicine. This gives the antibiotic time to seep into the deepest parts of the pockets and eliminate the bacteria. This approach can stop a current infection as well as prevent future ones!

How to Prevent Gum Disease

You can prevent gum disease by brushing and flossing daily, using antiseptic mouthwashes, and visiting Ambiance Dental Spa every six months for a professional dental cleaning and checkup. If we catch your gum disease early, periodontal therapy will go more smoothly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment if you’re experiencing any issues with your gums. Our spa-like dental office is located in Bowie, MD, and we also serve the nearby areas of Crofton, Greenbelt, Lanham, Goddard, Green Dale, and beyond.

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