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Sedation Dentistry – Bowie, MD

Relaxing Appointments Every Single Time

Fearful woman in need of sedation covering smile

Does going to the dentist stress you out so much that you’ve avoided doing so for years? This is a very common issue, and at Ambiance Dental Spa, we’re committed to helping our patients feel comfortable so they can get the care they need without anxiety or fear. Every inch of our soothing dental office was designed with your tranquility in mind, and we also offer a selection of sedation options. No matter the treatment, these can make longstanding nerves disappear and stay gone until you walk out of our dental office with a gorgeous smile. To learn more about how sedation dentistry in Bowie, MD could be used at your next appointment, contact us today.

Why Choose Ambiance Dental Spa for Sedation Dentistry?

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

oral sedation pill

With oral conscious sedation, we simply give you a pill to take at home on the day of your appointment, and by the time you arrive at our dental office (driven by a friend or family member), you should already be deeply relaxed from head to toe. From there, your appointment will seem to fly by very quickly, and afterward, the whole experience will seem like a dream. By that evening or the next morning, you should feel completely normal and refreshed.

Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

woman with nitrous oxide mask

Also known as “laughing gas,” we can give a patient nitrous oxide through a small nasal mask to help them quickly feel calmer, happier, and a little numb during their appointment. The effects kick in very quickly and go away just as fast after the procedure is over. This is perfect for patients with minor dental nerves, and it’s safe and gentle enough for young children as well.

IV Sedation Dentistry

hand with IV sedation

For patients with extreme dental fear, or those who need an extensive procedure, we can administer a sedative directly into their bloodstream using an injection in the hand or arm. This will sedate someone very quickly, and we can actually adjust how “under” they are from moment to moment to ensure they are always comfortable. This method can also allow a patient to undergo multiple procedures in one well-planned visit in order to save time.

General Anesthesiology

woman sedated

This enables a patient to literally sleep through their entire appointment and wake up with no memory of it afterward. We typically recommend it for patients with debilitating dental phobia, those who require complicated oral surgery, or those with special needs. This is applied by a licensed anesthesiologist to ensure the comfort, health, and safety of a patient. Thankfully, this is a much lighter form of anesthesia compared to what is used for major surgery, which means a patient will recover much faster afterward.

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