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Why Shouldn’t I Reline My Dentures Myself?

December 5, 2023

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Set of dentures on a mold next to dental instruments

Dentures are the standard method to replace a mouth full of missing teeth because they allow you to eat and speak more normally. Over time, though, your jawbone begins to degrade without natural teeth in place which changes your facial structure. This can lead to poorly fitting dentures that start to click or pop out of place. You may be tempted to try to reshape or fix them yourself, but doing so could harm them as well as your oral health. Keep reading to learn 4 reasons why you should call your dentist if you need your dentures relined!

Reason #1: You Don’t Have the Right Instruments

Although there are denture relining kits available, using them could ruin your false teeth. Sometimes, the tools included damage the material of your restoration. In other instances, patients make modifications that ruin their bite which wears down their dentures inappropriately. Unfortunately, an uneven distribution of force can damage or break them. Only your dentist has access and training to use the professional-grade instruments and technology needed to make the correct adjustments.

Reason #2: You Could Hurt Your Bite

In addition to hurting your dentures, a misaligned bite can cause a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. A poor bite puts added pressure on the joint that connects your jaw to your skull which can then become inflamed. You could experience a stiff or locked jaw, head pain, earaches, and other issues as a result. Your dentist, meanwhile, is aware of the potential problems and takes your bite into account when relining your dentures.

Reason #3: You Could Alter Your Appearance

No one wants their smile to look off-kilter or unnatural, but it can happen if you try to fix your dentures on your own. You might end up with teeth that are angled oddly or have been shifted away from their true midline. Yikes! On top of that, it’s possible to use too much liner which gives you an overly gummy grin. Only your dentist has the skills and knowledge to make alterations to your dentures while maintaining their natural look and feel.

Reason #4: You Might Require Replacements

Though they can last longer in many cases, the American Dental Association recommends replacing your dentures every 5-7 years to keep them in prime condition. If you’ve had yours for a while already and notice they’re not fitting like they used to, it’s possible that relining them won’t do you any good. You might need to be refitted for a new set which can only be done with your dentist.

If you’re having problems with your dentures, your dentist has the expertise to make the necessary changes. Call them today, and soon you’ll have your perfectly restored smile back in its proper place!

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At Ambiance Dental Spa, patients of all ages benefit from two dentists who work together to provide a full range of dental services, including full and partial dentures. With ongoing educational opportunities and advanced technology onsite, you’re sure to receive only the most current treatments for lasting results. If you have questions about your dentures, you’re welcome to contact the office on the website or by calling (301) 262-2624.

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