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How to Use Denture Adhesive

February 6, 2024

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person using denture adhesive

For individuals missing multiple or all their teeth, dentures offer a reliable solution to restore a complete, confident, and functional smile. However, one common issue with dentures is their tendency to slip, often due to insufficient natural suction between the restorations and gums. Fortunately, denture adhesive provides a temporary remedy by enhancing stability. Nonetheless, mastering its application may pose a challenge for some. Explore the following tips for effectively utilizing denture adhesive.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Denture Adhesive

While dentures are designed to snugly fit our gums, adhesive is typically unnecessary. However, due to variations in fit, adjustments or remakes may be required. In the interim, there are several reasons why adhesive could prove beneficial, including:

  • Improved confidence – Enhanced denture stability through adhesive application can significantly boost your confidence and comfort levels during activities such as speaking, eating, and laughing.
  • Increased stability – Individuals experiencing dry mouth may encounter challenges with denture stability due to insufficient saliva suction. Employing denture adhesive can offer a temporary solution in such cases.
  • Enhance strength – For individuals with professions involving extensive mouth movement, such as teaching, singing, or public speaking, adhesive provides added strength to prevent denture slippage during speech.

How to Use Denture Adhesive

To optimize the effectiveness of your denture adhesive, proper application is essential. Various types of adhesives are available, such as creams, powders, and strips. Begin by thoroughly cleaning and rinsing your dentures.

After allowing them to dry, follow the instructions provided on the adhesive packaging for application. Press the dentures firmly into position and maintain pressure for several seconds to ensure secure attachment to your gums. A well-applied adhesive should provide stability throughout the day; however, if it fails to do so, it may indicate an improper fit requiring evaluation by your dentist.

4 Tips for Removing Denture Adhesive

Before retiring for the night, it’s essential to remove your denture adhesive to prepare for a fresh application in the morning. You can achieve this by:

  • Pushing your thumb upwards and outwards against the front teeth to remove your upper denture
  • Gently rocking your lower denture back and forth while gently pulling it to remove it
  • Carefully brushing your dentures and ensuring thorough mouth cleaning as well
  • Flushing your mouth with warm water or using a mouthwash

Should you encounter any difficulties with applying or removing denture adhesive, it’s imperative to inform your dentist promptly. They possess the expertise to assist you in correctly applying and removing the adhesive. Additionally, they can make adjustments or replacements to your restorations to ensure a proper fit within your mouth.

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